Ornitu video presentation

What is Ornitu?

Ornitu is a complete digital platform focused on electronic commerce in the HORECA sector, which allows creating a new relationship between suppliers and customers through the use of new technologies that facilitate the sales process.

What is Ornitu?
For who?

For whom?

It is designed for any small and medium-sized supplier who wants to modernize and improve their sales processes without the need to make large investments or to jeopardize their future in complex and expensive management programs.


Through Ornitu you will have all your catalog available with a few clicks, both for your customers and commercials. You will be able to receive orders directly on our platform 365 days a year 24 hours a day. You will no longer need multiple communication channels, with Ornitu you will have all the sales centralized in the same place, whether they come from your commercial agents or directly from your customers.


What do we offer?

Complete availability
Access the platform to manage your orders or analyze the results from any place and device 24 hours a day.
Delivery tracking
Thanks to Ornitu, both suppliers and customers will be able to know the status of their orders at all times.
Stock notifications
You will be informed at all times of your warehouse stock level and you will receive notifications when there are few units left.
Commercial agents management
Improve the relationship with your commercial agents with Ornitu. Our platform will allow them to increase sales and will keep an updated track of the sales volume for each commercial agent along with their sales history.
Order management
Ornitu allows to keep track of the orders from one single platform, in a easy and simple way. You will be able to follow their status at all times.
Product management
Improve your catalog's product management. With Ornitu you will keep all products updated easily.
Sales information
You will have at all times updated information on the sales of your products and the purchases made by your customers. You will receive detailed reports that will allow you to know at any time which of your products are working and which ones do not, as well as the buying trends of your customers.
What we offer?

¿How much cost?

We offer plans of all kinds, start using Ornitu free of charge and change plans as your business grows.

Free plan
0,00€ per month
3 salesman accounts
up to 500 products
up to 100 customers
Basic plan
24,95€ per month
5 salesman accounts
up to 750 products
up to 200 customers
24/7 support
Advanced plan
49,90€ per month
8 salesman accounts
up to 1000 products
up to 300 customers
24/7 support